Curriculum Religion & World Views

Religion & World Views

Becoming ethical thinkers and spiritual explorers religion & world views.

Growing Powerful Knowledge through our LEAP values:


Religion and Worldviews is a subject of great worth and vitality. It supports our students to frame current world issues and events, as well as to shape their personal identity, outlooks, beliefs and values.

At Five Islands Academy we enjoy a progressive curriculum for Global Learners! Exploring the nature of religion and belief; the uniqueness and the common ground held by different religions, religious and non-religious worldviews, and the contribution made by this rich diversity to the world in which we live. A world where religion, history and culture are intricately intertwined and where the darker aspects of religion and belief need to be thought about and understood, just as much as the brighter ones.

In Religion and Worldviews, we aim to continuously inspire pupils with creative, thought-provoking learning. Our lessons offer time and space – for reflecting; thinking deeply; discussing; responding creatively; challenging assumptions and critically questioning.

Children are encouraged to grow powerful knowledge that will support them well as they journey into the adult world: insightful; open and sensitive to others; confident and articulate in responding to the spiritual, ethical and social questions that will continue to emerge in their ongoing lives as islanders, as ‘mainlanders’ and as global citizens of our ever-changing world.